An 8 Meter Whale Shark Glides Through A School of Jacks   $15,000 Grand Prize Winner #ItsAmazingOutThere competition by

Underwater Photography

I began diving at 16 to overcome a fear of open water. Memories exploring Puget Sound (burrrr!!) with my Dad are some of my favorites from the Pacific North West - Inked by a surprised baby octopus and the massive Pacific Giant we saw later. A duck at 70ft down? The gnarled faces of wolf eels and headbutting monk fish..... the icy trickle of a leaking dry suit.... 

Diving in the Sound was truly awesome, but Thailand spoiled me. 80 degree water with perfect visibility, diving 4 times a day for a week aboard the White Manta charter. Below are some photos from my most recent dive trip, cruising the Andaman Sea with my Dad, including my award winning shot of an 8 meter whale shark.