Love a good storm

Seagulls in a Snowstorm - January 2014

Some 14" of snow in a day with temperatures in the low teens. Living next to the South Street Seaport, I was inspired to shoot the old sailing ships moored nearby. When I got to the pier I found two or three hundred seagulls all huddled up, sheltering from the icy storm. I spent maybe 15 minutes crawling on my hands and knees towards the center of the flock, earning their trust with my calm, gentle approach. Having reached the center of the flock and acceptance among my new avian friends, I calmly raised my camera for some closeup shots ..... and then my phone rang and it all went to hell! :-) The red 13 in the background is Brooklyn's iconic Watchtower flashing the temperature across the East River. More pictures in the gallery below

Storm Jonas January 2016 Blizzard

Snowpocalypse self portraits


What do you mean the door is locked!!??

Hurricane Julie - November 2015

Trapped on a roof in Harlem with my favorite Julie Ann Luna when the skies turned wrathful. Not the shoot we planned for, but, as Bob Ross would say, a happy accident