Shooting #babesinthejungle at Maderas Village to barefoot Bo dancing before stained glass, my work with Knixwear has introduced me to so many fun, intelligent & absolutely beautiful women and has served as an invaluable testing ground for my entrance into commercial fashion photography. Joanna Griffith is a driven CEO and fantastic innovator with a clear vision for her brand and goals of addressing a shortfall in balancing functionality, comfort and style in womens underwear. It has been wonderful getting to know Joanna and the team behind Knixwear. Its been thrilling growing my own craft alongside theirs and I cannot wait for our next shoot!

Backed by some beautiful imagery :) Knixwear is on pace to have the most successful fashion kickstarter of all time - having already raised ten times their goal in as many days. Check out their campaign here

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Maderas Village

Dragons Den 

Real Women in Knix