Hurricane Julie

0-100, the drizzle turned to a biblical downpour. We scrambled to get inside, only to realize the door had locked behind us! (facepalm) Thunder cracking overhead, wind howling, and no where to go, we just went for it. We tossed phones in my pack and wedged in her flimsy red umbrella, making me look like a soggy Dick Van Dyke from Marry Poppins. Rain on my glasses, rain on my viewfinder, rain on my lens, rain in my eyes, I could hardly see what I was shooting, but I knew it was going to be great. We were finally rescued by her roommate some 45 minutes later and sloshed inside laughing and soaked to the bone. I love shooting with Julie because we both commit. We never half ass, we go for it. Love the shots, love the shoot, love the memory.