Genie in a Bottle


My Frankenstudio is as laughable as it sounds, but it works! An old black sheet (tablecloth for my vendor stand) stuck to the wall of my living room with packing tape and all the lamps I could find - not quite the white wall 3000 watt setup that produces catalog shoots, but I knew id have fun regardless. Look closely into the glass and you might catch a glimpse of my Nintendo 64 in the corner.

Sometimes people think I daydream, but if you see me stare, im probably fixated on some specific aesthetic. I like the way I get to view the world now - the photographers eye some call it. Puddles and reflections, angles, contrast, all have new potential to me. 

My vision was to create a tiny crystalline figurine inverted in the reflection of the glass, backed by the out of focus full-picture. I began in my Frankenstudio working on self portraiture, but the result was not nearly as flattering - I knew the image needed a feminine figure with curves and hips to match the glass.

I called my friend and told her I wanted to make her my genie in a bottle, in my first attempt at fine-art nude and also my entrance into film photography (on my new (very old) Mamiya C330). Modeling, like so many other things in life, only looks easy when someone talented is doing it - and she definitely has it.