Welcome to Frankenstudio 3.0, where $.99 magic happens!

Built for less than two day's rent or 6 beers at Yankee Stadium, Frankenstudio boasts a plethora of shitty options. From 4 (Four!) 45 watt white bulbs dreamily diffused through 2 (two!) dirty white umbrellas - toss on some red and blue cellophane from the $.99 cent store and we makin magic Mert and Marcus could only dream of! (nightmares) 180 Watts of white not rockin your jimmies? Dont worry, I gotchu. Turn on the central room light if Orange is your color (the new black), or consider our 450 fireplace matches for that super sexy flicker of willful combustion. Think we shooting against a white wall? We aint animals here! Enjoy a fine-made $8 tablecloth nailed through the middle of my bedroom as a perfect backrop for all your studio needs. Worried about the fire hazard? Dont you worry about the firehazard, let me worry about the fire hazard (im worried about the fire hazard). This setup sucks and I love it. Pour in talent and forget about the poor. Work means means within my work.


Stylist: Ramses

Photographer: some guy who needs a haircut

Models: Annalisa, Howa, Raqueli


Model / Stylist / MUAH rockstar: Julie Ann Luna

Photographer: Some guy who just learned who Anna Wintour is

*Alright, alright first couple were on a roof nearby and not Franken. We wanted to catch golden light, but missed it by a train on an already overcast day. Julie is a rockstar, so we still came away productive.

Origins of Single Match

Continuation of Red | Blue


Stylist // Model // Daredevil: Alexandra

Photographer: Some broke Bushwicker insisting on shooting film at $2 a click, who need food money anyway


This was my first Frankenshoot using a model other than my sexy self. Black sheet taped to my living room wall and a whiskey Glencairn glass as the focal foreground. Turn the orange shot upside-down and the orange bursts become the curve between her arm and hip

Model: Natasha

Photographer | Stylist: Yo

FrankenOrigins and AmbienT Light

late night sleep aid selfies