Emily Bylin

What a champ - Seriously. Sitting on a block of ice, navigating glacial streams and uneven terrain, Emily was a pro. I met Emily several years ago when we both attended the University of Washington and always thought she had an incredible look about her with the confidence and poise to match. Its been great watching Emily's modeling work with clothing brands like Zulily and I was excited to ask her to try something a little different when I got back to Seattle.

I approached Emily during my Winter 2014 trip home to Seattle and proposed the idea of doing a "Viking Chic" shoot up at the Big Four Ice Caves in the Cascade Mountains. Meeting in the parking lot, we hiked the 2.2 miles in and found the mouth of the main cave. I dont think either of us really prepared for or bargained for the amount of water coming out of this glacial mass in a warmer than usual winter. Slick, cold and a constant drip from the cave roof coupled with some flash/gear difficulties made for an incredibly challenging shoot, but together we made it work. Thanks for trying something different, Emily, and a big shoutout to my great friend Shawno for helping me out!

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